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We specialize in parallel paper tubes (convolute) which has a wide range of applications.
  • Our paper tubes come in customized sizes in terms of diameter and length. (Upto a max diameter of 25 mm and a max length upto 11”)
  • Available are a wide variety of colors and closures to fit all occasions. We can even custom print the outside with a message of your company logo
  • Constructed with the highest quality paper material, these bags are completely recyclable products and is a great choice for ecologically friendly packaging
  • The concept of eco-friendly pens gaining wide acceptance world wide, we manufacture paper tubes, which replaces the plastic components of pens making it environment friendly

Other Applications for paper tubes are
  • Cores for sewing threads.
  • Cores for STD rolls, Fax machine rolls and Adding machine rolls.
  • Disposable medical mouthpiece for Spiro meter, respirator, breath analyzers.
  • Eco friendly pens and handle for paper flags or any other gift applications.
  • Electrical insulators for batteries, motors, flashlights or many other electrical parts.

We can also design tubes for kaleidoscopes, telescopes, dice cups, basketball poles, flashlights, candy dispensers, the list is endless.
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